Being There and Being Present

Lady Liberty balloon in staging area of Rancho Cucamonga Founder’s Day Parade

When I look back at images, I often think, “You had to be there.” It’s true.

Unlike studio photography in which you plan and stage a scene indoors, street photography is typically outside and the opportunities are unexpected… unless you’re going to a special event, like a 5k run where you expect to see people running and walking. The joy of street photography is that it lures you out into a world and forces you to pay attention. You can’t take the image unless you’re there with camera in hand.

You had to be there just before the parade started to see Lady Liberty’s torch deflated on float balloon.

You had to be there to catch the Taiko Drummers on the steps of the Duomo in Florence.

Lady crossing street wearing an American flag – New Orleans

You had to be there to snap the girl in the crosswalk in New Orleans wearing a dress resembling the American flag.

Interesting sights take place all around us every day… but you have to be present in the moment and paying attention to recognize the oddity of what may pass in a split second