With university degrees in Art and English, followed by a career as a special event professional, in 2011, Ingrid bought a camera and a new computer…and flew to Florence to spend five weeks taking a photography class taught by one of her colleagues from graduate school. "I returned to that which feeds my creative spirit," she often says of that summer traversing the cobblestone streets of Italy.

Since 2011, she has written two multi-awards winning business books, and participated in more than 50 juried photography shows, picking up a few ribbons (and some cash prizes) along the way. Her photos have been in exhibits in New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, Oregon, California, England and Italy. "Hola Baja" (2016) was her first solo photography show and she recently published her first photo storybook "In the Hood: focus on the details" which documents the initial six months of her move back to Sacramento after a 15 year absence.


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Saying “hola” (‘greetings’ in Spanish) causes your face muscles to move upward in an openly welcoming manner. “Baja” is the land of the beating sun where dust clings to your body like a cheap price sticker and the colors vibrate to distract you from the surrounding hardships. My images capture the inner strength of the people as they go about their daily lives, under challenging circumstances, in a less than pristine environment. “Hola Baja” speaks to the rich texture of this land and the spirit of its people.